Bensons for Beds

Who are Bensons for Beds?


  • Bensons for Beds was founded in 1950
  • Amalgamation with Sleepmasters in 2011
  • Awarded Multiple Bed Retailer of the Year in 2012
  • Over 270 stores nationwide


What did we achieve?


  • The move to a print-on-demand model for store collateral, reducing the cost of artwork for tickets, storage and logistics, resulting in a saving of £20K
  • Automation of all production processes, administration and a reduction in errors, resulting in a saving of £26K
  • Dramatic reduction in the volume of redundant tickets, enabling an annual saving of £60K
  • Overall reduction in the time taken to administer the production of store tickets
  • Easily scalable solution to accommodate the significant growth in the number of stores with the amalgamation of the two businesses


Why did Bensons for Beds need help?


  • To reduce lead times, excessive artwork costs and the errors involved in pulling together multiple, complex databases containing all product and pricing information across all stores
  • To achieve better control and visibility of range planning and the coordination of marketing materials to a large number of stores


How did we do it?


  • The introduction of an online system to collate all databases and processes involved in producing store ticketing
  • The instantaneous creation of PDF artwork files for on-demand production of individual tickets at store
  • The introduction of store-specific range plans to limit wastage and provide greater control to products displayed on the shop floor


“Our marketing team was increasingly being pulled into the day to day administration of a complex data management process, which impacted upon effectiveness, wastage and efficiency. We needed a system where we could have all processes for ticket ordering in one place so requests, proofing and delivery were streamlined. For us, the transparency that the system has provided is invaluable.”


Corrine Jessamine, Marketing Manager, Bensons for Beds